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Top Ten Irish Albums of 2012

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Originally published in the Irish Sun on Friday, December 21st.

Looking over Dublin city and the River Liffey

1. Lethal Dialect – LD50: Part II (Stream)

Lethal Dialect’s first album, 2011’s LD50, announced the Dublin rapper as a serious talent, and the follow-up confirms 23-year-old Paulie Allwright’s place as arguably the most talented writer and emcee this country has produced. Producer GI’s jazzy beats recall the likes of DJ Premier while the overall atmosphere is reminiscent of Illmatic-era Nas. In contrast to the gloomy, murky street vibe of LD50, Part II is less heavy and more accessible with tracks like ‘Keep it Real’ and ‘Get to My Dreams’ achieving deservedly crossing over to the mainstream. With Magnum Opus, the final part of the LD50 trilogy, on the back-burner for now, Lethal Dialect is preparing to release his third record, 1988, in the summer.

Listen to: The Four Commandants, Snakes & Reptiles


2. Therapy? – A Brief Crack of Light (Interview)

Therapy? had been unfairly written off as a bog-standard rock band in mainstream circles, but their recent 20-year anniversary heralded a resurgence of interest in the Belfast trio. This culminated in the release of A Brief Crack of Light, their most vital release in over a decade, and an album bristling with bone-shaking punk riffs, memorable choruses and subtle electronic undertones. As Andy Cairns explained to Something for the Weekend earlier this year: “When people are comfortable, that’s when bland music seeps through. Whenever people are disaffected, agitated music eventually creeps onto their radar again.”

Listen to: Living in the Shadow of a Terrible Thing, Get Your Dead Hand Off My Shoulder

bats sleep of reason

3. BATS – The Sleep of Reason (Review) // (Interview)

The Sleep of Reason is the follow-up to 2009’s Red in Tooth & Claw, and is very much a development on the propulsive, science-themed post-hardcore that made the latter one of that year’s most exciting heavy rock releases. Speaking to Something for the Weekend before Electric Picnic this summer, frontman Rupert Morris said: “Our mission statement is that we’re taking a stance for science and stabbing the traditions of religion and pseudo-science and superstition, and we’re doing it in the form of danceable metal and exotic post-punk.” In equal parts catchy and challenging, The Sleep of Reason certainly succeeds in its mission.

Listen to: Astronomy Astrology, The Sleep of Reason

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Tonight // Croupier, Youth Mass, Before Machines

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Tonight at the Workman’s Club sees the return of Wickla post-maths outfit Croupier to the gigging circuit, albeit only for one night before they go off to record their new album.

I raved about their EP We, the System (free download from Bandcamp) on the blog a few months back and have been waiting patiently ever since for a chance to catch them in the flesh. Admission’s only €5 and, to be honest, it’s worth a fiver alone just to be in the same room as me so you know what you need to do. Support comes from Trim outfit Youth Mass and Before Machines from Béal Feirste.

Expect plenty of build-ups, crescendos and catharses.

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October 19, 2011 at 5:21 pm

Free Album // Jogging – Minutes

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I’ve been itching for an opportunity to talk about Jogging on here for a while now and finally my wish has come true. Following the success of yesterday’s one day only free download of BATS‘ mega debut album Red in Tooth & Claw, during which almost a thousand people seized their chance, the Richter Collective have decided to repeat the trick with Dublin emo revivalators Jogging’s 2011 album Minutes.

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September 14, 2011 at 5:41 pm

New Video // Lamp – ‘Walking Forward Looking Back’

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I’ve been meaning to post about proggy Cork duo Lamp for about six months now but have put it off time and again because I’m a massive flake. But with a raft of news, including a new video, I figured now is as good a time as any to go off on one.

First things first: the band haven’t done themselves any favour with the name Lamp. A Google search for “lamp band” brings up a Korean musician, a Christian rock band and all manner of lamp paraphernalia. It’s important not to confuse any of these things miscellaneous items with the real Lamp, because the Irish group’s debut album (sorry lads but it’s at least two EPs), Sagittarius, is an absolute gem and downloadable free to boot. It is also to be made available for the first time as a CD/DVD set this week.

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August 31, 2011 at 8:37 pm

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This is the Something Something of a band called Adebisi Shank

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Adebisi Shank released their second album (so imaginatively titled – I don’t know how they came up with it) last month. My album review can (finally) be seen here.

The album is still available for streaming in full from Nialler9’s blog, and it’s well worth a listen or two. It took a while to grow on me, as I was so wedded to the frantic spasticness of the first record (and still am, really), but I’m glad they decided to break the mould and incorporate some new influences. Harmonically, it’s miles ahead of the first record.

The record was officially launched the same night with a gig in Whelan’s, which I couldn’t attend because the entire world has conspired to destroy every opportunity for enjoyment in my life. Nay has a cracking review of the show up over at Harmless Noise, Alan Moore took some rather nice photees and the folks at Ruthless Imagery have put up a video of the set-closing stage invasion.

There was also a free gig on Monday night in Tower Records – I have no excuse for missing this, I just don’t like going to gigs where I can’t get muntered, and the football was on TV.

Here’s my favourite track from the new album, ‘Genki Shank’:

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September 17, 2010 at 12:28 am