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Interview // Land Lovers

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Originally published in the Irish Sun on Friday, August 31.

Dublin indie pop quintet Land Lovers turned more than a few heads with their second album, ‘Confidants,’ last year and the album was one of the surprise omissions from the Choice Prize shortlist at the end of the year.

As bassist Shane Murphy explains, however, the band are focused on the future and, in particular, their work with the innovative pseudo-label the Popical Island Collective, who have been a driving force behind the nascent scene of lo-fi pop acts in Ireland.

“‘Confidants’ had a high production value but I don’t think we’ll be doing that again for the next one. It’s all lo-fi wordy indie pop, with a few exceptions. There is definitely a vibe going all the way through.


Land Lovers are one of three acts involved with Popical Island who will perform at Electric Picnic – Squarehead and Choice nominees Tieranniesaur are also on the bill – and Murphy explains that the band have had taken a lead role in running the Collective since it formed in late 2009.

He said: “The band as a whole are involved in organising the Popicalias (free all-day gigs featuring the Collective’s acts) every month, putting out releases for bands who are either in the Collective or are just bands we like. The whole idea is that we’re friends who are interested in putting stuff out, have similar taste in music, are in similar-ish types of bands, and everyone helps out.

“The whole mentality is a collective one, and the mentality is that everyone is similar. If someone in the collective likes an album and puts it forward, everyone else in the collective is going to like it. It’s a group decision when it comes down to it.”

Land Lovers debuted at Electric Picnic in 2010, and the success of Confidants has been rewarded with an upgrade to the Crawdaddy Stage this time out.

“We’re hoping for a bigger crowd this time, but we’re also in a bigger tent so it’s going to seem like a smaller crowd even if it’s the same. Hopefully people turn up!”

Land Lovers play the Crawdaddy Stage at Electric Picnic on Sunday, September 2 at 12.30pm.


Written by Dave

September 14, 2012 at 3:56 pm

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