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Interview // BATS

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Originally published in the Irish Sun on Friday, August 31.

“Come along and have your faces melted!” laughs BATS frontman Rupert Morris as the Dublin five-piece prepare to land at Electric Picnic with their explosive brand of science-fuelled heavy metal.

BATS are far from your average rock band, and their music is infused with a burning desire to educate and transform people’s minds, as demonstrated by the title of their upcoming second album, ‘The Sleep of Reason.’

“The title track is called ‘The Sleep of Reason Brings Forth Monsters.’ Our mission statement is that we’re taking a stance for science and stabbing the traditions of religion and pseudo-science and superstition, and we’re doing it in the form of danceable metal and exotic post-punk.”

The band’s first album, 2009’s Red in Tooth & Claw, was named in honour of Lord Tennyson’s epic poem, and ‘The Sleep of Reason’ follows suit, taking its cues from an iconic Goya etching.

‘The Sleep of Reason’ was recorded in Portugal with producer Chris Common of wiry Seattle math rockers These Arms Are Snakes, and demonstrates how their sound has expanded since recording the first album with Converge’s Kurt Ballou.

“It’s definitely more developed and more cohesive. They sound more like real songs, I think. There are more choruses, and it definitely sounds bigger and grander, more epic, more textured and more layered. There are a lot of new sounds going on.”

The album is currently being mastered, and the band are preparing for a mid-October release, which will be the final output from the Richter Collective stable that produced worldwide names in Adebisi Shank and And So I Watch You From Afar.

“In a way I think it is more accessible – parts of it are less accessible and parts of it are more accessible. There’s a lot of variety on it. Every song is its own piece. There are some really catchy ones on there, then there are some really proggy long ones. It’s pretty epic. It’s quite long – it’s clocking in at 60 minutes.

Morris concludes: “It’s still in your face, just a different kind of in your face. It’s in the other side of your face!”


Written by Dave

September 14, 2012 at 4:49 pm

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