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New Music // Driveway – ‘Reginald Circumstance’

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(Photo by Seanie Cahill)

“Those headaches are getting worse aren’t they?”

“Three, four times a day sometimes.”

I knew I recognised that sample from somewhere – it’s from the Dead Zone, the 1980s adaption of Stephen King’s novel starring a slightly younger-looking Christopher Walken.

I stumbled across Driveway’s Bandcamp a couple of weeks ago and have been addicted ever since. They seem to have only been around for a year or so, but they’ve already contributed three tracks to a split EP with American band Loud? (check out the phenomenally catchy ‘Embassy Suites‘) and have a couple of other bits and pieces up on the site.

While the split is a proper, poppy post-hardcore record in the Say Anything vein, new track ‘Reginald Circumstance’ is much more stripped back and abstract with haunting Slint-like guitars and strained vocals. I’m not too sure about some aspects of it – similar to the Lecs Luther debate a while back, I think the singer tries to hard to affect an American accent to suit the style of music, and the lyrics are a bit OTT – but that’s relatively minor considering just how fucking good it sounds.

I’m not sure which way they’re planning to head – the punky pop style of the split or the more oblique style of ‘Reginald Circumstance’ – but they’re gearing up to release a three-track EP early next year.


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December 8, 2011 at 7:32 pm

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