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Free Music // Savour Your Scene Records Sampler

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The lads from Belfast metalcore act Gacys Threads (reviewed last week) have launched a new label/collective-type dealie called Savour Your Scene Records for the hardcore/metal scene in Ireland. I caught the band a couple of weeks back at Ilenkus‘ album launch in Dublin a couple of weeks back and they put on an incredible show.

The label had its launch gig in Belfast last night with sets from Gacys and By Any Means. To coincide with the launch, they’ve made a mixtape available for free download from Bandcamp, featuring the aforementioned alongside Ilenkus, Murdock, Five Will Die, Comply or Die and Them Martyrs (a lot of death in there, people) and others.

There’s some savage stuff on show, particularly the Murdock and Them Martyrs tracks, and a few bands I wouldn’t have been particularly aware of until now. Check out the web store here and download the 12-track compilation from Bandcamp.


Written by Dave

November 28, 2011 at 4:34 pm

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