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Free Music // Melodica Deathship

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I’ve been meaning to write about Melodica Deathship for months now (seven to be exact, since I caught them on a monster bill w/ Legion of Two and Drainland at the Lower Deck) without ever really finding an excuse.

Conveniently, then, the Cork rap duo have made their 2010 album, Doom Your Cities, Doom Your Town, available for free download to coincide with their vinyl stock selling out, giving me the perfect reason to wax lyrical on one of the best Irish groups going at the moment.

The phrase “melodica deathship” might call to mind some sort of keyboard-shaped mutation on Darth Vader’s Death Star, and that’s pretty much what you get – except it’s more the poisoned lure of the seas than intergalactic warfare that drives the concept.

Fitting loosely within the relatively chilled, melodic style of Irish hip hop, there’s a menacing undertone to the entire album with Exile Eye’s brooding, Cork-accent rapping and George (from Deep Burial)’s slow, repetitive beats, while Exile’s eerie melodica melodies add an extra layer of intrigue and originality on top.

I was disappointed not to catch the pair last time they were in Dublin, a couple of weeks ago, for a free State gig at the Mercantile, but with a new EP on the cards in the new year I won’t have to wait too long. Hopefully. Check out the fantastically ominous ‘Blaxck Shjip Cxoming’ below and head over to Bandcamp for the full album.


Written by Dave

November 23, 2011 at 12:14 pm

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