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Review // Lou Reed & Metallica – Lulu

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I honestly spent most of my first listen to this album laughing. I don’t like mocking art but fuck, they make it very difficult sometimes.

The first voice you’ll hear on Lulu is Lou Reed’s, as he mutters the words: “I would cut my legs and tits off when I think of Boris Karloff.” By the 60-second mark, he’s been joined by James Hetfield, who delivers the somewhat gobsmacking news that he’s just a “small town girl”. On ‘The View’, Hetfield screams, repeatedly, “I am the table!” Unpredictable is too soft a word, yet as the record goes on this mental state of affairs starts to make perfect sense. Reed and Metallica have far more in common than you might expect.

Both plateaued early and spectacularly: Reed with glam classic Transformerand Metallica with Master Of Puppets. Both have tried to shed the baggage of their early popularity in pursuit of artistic credibility: Reed with dreadful noise prototype Metal Machine Music and Metallica with convoluted, literary-based epics  and boorish concept videos.

Read the full review at AU Magazine.


Written by Dave

October 28, 2011 at 3:17 pm

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