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New Video // Lamp – ‘Walking Forward Looking Back’

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I’ve been meaning to post about proggy Cork duo Lamp for about six months now but have put it off time and again because I’m a massive flake. But with a raft of news, including a new video, I figured now is as good a time as any to go off on one.

First things first: the band haven’t done themselves any favour with the name Lamp. A Google search for “lamp band” brings up a Korean musician, a Christian rock band and all manner of lamp paraphernalia. It’s important not to confuse any of these things miscellaneous items with the real Lamp, because the Irish group’s debut album (sorry lads but it’s at least two EPs), Sagittarius, is an absolute gem and downloadable free to boot. It is also to be made available for the first time as a CD/DVD set this week.

Stylistically, Lamp occupy the same broad category of spazzy math rock as Adebisi Shank and Hella, though more progressive and less (for want of a better word) poppy than their Wexford counterparts. There’s a strong jazz influence in the unpredictable, almost random-sounding song structures, as if they’re determined to avoid convention by making the chord shifts as stunted and unpredictable as possible. There’s a certain Toolyness about guitarist Shane O’Leary’s vocals – that sort of psychedelic goat-herder moan that Maynard Keenan perfected during the ’90s before he’d disappeared completely up himself.

As befits the song, the video for ‘Walking Forward Looking Back’ is a smidge on the unconventional side, ending with its hero driving into a forest and burying a chest full of eyes. As you do like. I’m not normally into music videos but the fucking eyes man.

If you’re in Cork, check out the launch this Friday night in Crane Lane Theatre.


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August 31, 2011 at 8:37 pm

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