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Live Review // Brian Setzer @ Vicar St.

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Photo by Ian Keegan

This one was actually about three weeks ago and was posted last week but ugh life and ugh laptop breaking got in the way. Ugh. There was a time in my life when I actually wanted to be Brian Setzer – I even learned a load of rockabilly moves on the guitar. Didn’t really work out though. Might get a quiff for the laugh. We’ll see.

A scan of the Vicar St. floor revealed an impressive variety of age and gender, from teenage girls to 70-year-old men. It’s hard to think of a recent concert in Dublin that could have brought together so diverse a demographic spread and no other show could have delivered such a staggering amount of quiffs.

Even in their early ’80s pomp, The Stray Cats straddled the generational gap, bringing the spirit and sound of 1950s rockabilly together with the youthful vibrancy of new wave. So it was no surprise that, with 2008’s cancelled gig still fresh in the mind, Vicar St. would be close to capacity for the long-overdue first appearance of Brian Setzer and fellow Stray Cat Slim Jim Phantom on Irish soil. Given the popularity of Imelda May in this country right now, the only real surprise was that the venue wasn’t completely full for the undisputed kings of the rockabilly revival.

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Written by Dave

August 22, 2011 at 5:11 pm

Posted in Gigs, Reviews

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