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New Article // The Irish Metal Scene

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I have the centre spread in today’s Irish Sun entertainment pull-out Something for the Weekend.

It’s been subbed as a feature focusing on Primordial – which I suppose it is in a way – but it’s more an overview of Irish metal with contributions from Primordial frontman Alan Averill (pronounced Ay-verill, which I wouldn’t have guessed), Jamie Grimes of Drainland (of whom more later) and Darkest Era guitarist Ade Mulgrew on why Irish bands can sell thousands of records and play to 100,000 people at festivals in Europe yet the media in this country doesn’t wanna know about it.

The piece is only available in the print edition of the Sun (there’s a little unreadable clipping below to help whet your appetite), but I will be posting up the interviews in full – they ran to over 6,000 words between the three – somewhere next week. They’re three really interesting and thoughtful blokes with conflicting opinions on just about everything. It was a fun piece to put together, though there were a couple of brief freak-outs along the way as a result of unreliable technology and my own disorganisation.

Also thanks to the person who reviewed the article for me beforehand and made sure I didn’t send in a steaming pile of farm slurry. Pint owed.


Written by Dave

August 5, 2011 at 4:12 pm

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