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Live Review // Villagers & Beach House @ Marlay Park

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(Photo: Damien McGlynn)

Bit of a let-down this one. Not helped by the fact Marlay Park is a logistical nightmare.

The Irish summer’s Murphy-like tendency to throw up the worst weather at the most inopportune moment led to the calculated gamble of hosting this summer’s Marlay Park concert series under cover of a marquee tent. With the sun splitting the rocks all day on Saturday, it’s only natural that many would forego the pleasures of the opening acts to enjoy the fortuitous heat, and as the cacophony of chatter grows ever louder during Villagers’ set, it’s somewhat baffling that they don’t just go home.

It had seemed a touch fanciful, the idea that a ticket of Villagers and Beach House, neither of whom is promoting an album, could come close to meeting the venue’s 5,000 capacity, and so it proves. There’s plenty of standing room to be found in the improvised arena during both support act and main event; though the temporary seating at the back of the tent, virtually deserted during the former’s set, is surprisingly close to full by the time Conor O’Brien and his gang hit the stage.

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Written by Dave

July 27, 2011 at 3:08 pm

Posted in Irish, Reviews

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