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New Music // Bacchus – ‘Mutation’

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Galway’s Bacchus launched their debut album, Bacchus, in Dublin on July 2, following launches in Cork and (free) in Galway.

I’d intended to go along to the gig in Fibbers but I may or may not have spent all my money getting drunk in the afternoon and fell asleep at 5 O’Clock. I’d have loved to check out the gig (particularly as the album only seems to be available on vinyl and I don’t got a record player), but I think I made the right choice. Plus I got to see David Haye have his big head smushed, so I’ll just have to make do with seeing them next time they schedule a gig here.

‘Mutation’ is my preferred of the two tracks I’ve heard from the album so far. At almost seven minutes in length, it builds nicely from an eerie chiming guitar intro through thrashy interjections and a straight-up hardcore verse. An elegant, progressive black metal swing underpins the entire song, and I have to single out Meate L. (surely not a pseudonym) for particular attention: his vocals are brutal in the best way possible.

Interestingly, they’ve just replaced their bassist Connor Garry, who recently joined Fight Like Apes in what is a completely normal career move. He’s been replaced by James Eager, formerly of the criminally-undervalued Kidd Blunt.

Vinyl junkies can pick up Bacchus’ self-titled LP for eight big ones from the Distroy Records webstore.


Written by Dave

July 18, 2011 at 3:12 pm

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