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New Music // I’ll Eat Your Face – ‘Drowning Dogs in a Swamp’

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I’ve written about I’ll Eat Your Face before in the context of them performing our favourite dancefloor fillers of yesteryear at Fred Zeppelin’s in Cork.

However despite a burgeoning career as a karaoke machine, it’s original music that the Rebel County duo do best, and their 2010 album Irritant (still free from Bandcamp) is a glorious slab of tectonic plate-shifting sludge metal.

18 months later, give or take, they’re back with a taster of what album #2 has to offer. ‘Drowning Dogs in a Swamp,’ its appealingly disgusting title notwithstanding, is a subtler and more refined spin on Irritant‘s all-out rock. It builds slowly with haunting, OK Computer-style picked guitar before letting loose with lumbering, doomy riffing and skittish drumming.

At more than two and a half minutes, it’s also longer than all but the closing track from Irritant, which is perhaps an indication of the direction the pair have chosen to take.



Written by Dave

July 6, 2011 at 6:19 pm

Posted in Free music, Irish, Videos

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