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Free Music // The Answer – ‘Piece By Piece’

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I’ll be honest: I haven’t really paid any attention to Downpatrick classic rockers the Answer over the past few years, mainly as a result of having heard their early music.

It’s things like this – the video for ‘Under the Sky’ – that should set alarm bells ringing in anyone’s head. Any band whose members wear bell-bottoms in the 21st Century cannot possibly be good. Or at the very least isn’t going to sell you anything you haven’t already been sold decades before with time having filtered out the dross. They were always a competent band who played genuinely reverent music from the ’70s, but they just weren’t a band I could get behind.

Clearly somebody’s been in their ear in the meantime because new single ‘Piece by Piece’ (free here) is a huge step up. It’s still reductive AC/DC-aping retro rock, but they’ve abandoned the thin, pseudo-authentic sound of their earlier recordings for modern-sounding beefy guitars and drums, and there’s much more bite in frontman Cormac Neeson’s wail. Neeson also seems to have finally figured out that being the spit of a long-haired David McSavage is not a good look for anybody and has growned a lovely European metal beard.

The press release for the single still contains your usual “bring back real rock n’ roll!” shite, like this: “The Answer are back, and our mission is to revive rock ‘n’ roll from the grassroots up!” You know, bollocks that people who think music reached perfection in 1974 tend to cream themselves over but which makes pretty much everyone else in world want to lock them in a dungeon and unleash the flesh-eating trolls. Still, they’ve got a decent sound going on and if they continue at this rate they might just catch up with the modern music scene by the time 2020 rolls around.


Written by Dave

July 5, 2011 at 5:44 pm

Posted in Free music, Irish

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