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Album Review // All Time Low – Dirty Work

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Most right-wing review I’ve ever written.

It says a lot that in a year of unlikely and historic unions – AOL and Huffington Post, Her Majesty the Queen and Ireland, Osama Bin Laden and a bullet in his head – the most surprising and gruesome was an ex-Playboy mannequin’s whirlwind romance with All Time Low guitarist Jack Barakat. Less surprisingly, the relationship didn’t last, however Bakarat was nonetheless able to find time away from Hugh Hefner’s sloppy, sloppy seconds to record a fourth All Time Low record, Dirty Work.

In many ways, Holly Madison is Dirty Work incarnate. If the numerous and well-publicised accounts of Hugh Hefner’s bedroom preferences are to be believed, thenDirty Work is an understatement, but there are other similarities. Much like the average modern-day Playmate, Dirty Work is essentially a manufacturer’s dummy: air-brushed; soulless; custom-built to exacting specifications; aesthetically-pleasing but ultimately empty and devoid of any real distinctive character. At the risk of butchering a metaphor, All Time Low are New Found Glory with grotesque, misaligned implants.

Read the full review at Sputnikmusic.


Written by Dave

May 23, 2011 at 3:32 pm

Posted in Reviews

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