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New Music // Le Galaxie – ‘Midnight Midnight’

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I caught Le Galaxie live for the first time in January playing alongside Dark Room Notes, Codes and And So I Watch You From Afar at a synth-dominated Mental Health benefit at the Button Factory.

They were the first band on stage and set the place on fire (not with actual fire… I don’t think) for roughly 45 minutes before Dark Room Notes arrived to undo all their good work. For whatever reason, the crowd didn’t dig a set that wasn’t particularly awful (or particularly good) from the Galway, and were the concert to be replayed, Le Galaxie would certainly have bumped up to second or third on the bill.

For my money, Le Galaxie were the highlight of the night, ahead even of my own current music crush ASIWYFA.

I was only familiar with the tracks from the Transworld EP – which I had, then lost, then conveniently found again this morning – but it was fairly clear that the new material they were bringing was a clear step forward. I think I remember ‘Midnight Midnight’ from the gig – by which I mean they may have played it or I may just be remembering the snippet the insane promo clip above.

Either way, it stuck to my ears like a well-licked lollipop. I’m slightly disappointed by the lack of vocoder action – I hope Daft Punk haven’t ruined it for everyone – but the gang vocals I love so much are all present and correct, and effortlessly chantable as usual. Listen to a full stream of the single below via State, or wait until tomorrow morning to pick up a free download from the band’s official website.

The band’s first full album, Laserdisc Nights 2, is scheduled to drop on June 10.


Written by Dave

March 31, 2011 at 9:41 pm

Posted in Free music, Irish

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