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Album Stream // Bl_ck R_b_ts

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Waterford rock duo Bl_ck R_b_ts released their debut record Farewell Black Robots (I’ll explain the title later) for free download at the end of last month. You should get it.

The male frontman/female drummer set-up invites obvious comparisons with the White Stripes, but musically they’re far more comparable to another sludgy rock duo, the shamefully-underrated Local H. Their dynamic, sludgy rock evokes elements of stoner legends Kyuss (Josh Homme’s pre-QOTSA project), while there’s also a gothic punk edge reminiscent of the Dwarves or even the 69 Eyes. It’s v. v. good.

Now, the name. They were originally called Black Robots (hence the album title), but were challenged by an LA rock band name Black Robot (singular) to change it. A couple of friendly words in the ear of MySpace and Facebook’s legal department, and they had their pages taken down and reluctantly took the decision to become Bl_ck R_b_ts (crazily, this seems to be perfectly fine).

As it happens, Bl_ck R_b_ts is a much better name, and it allows them to go on making music without being confused with a regressive porno rock band. Hooray! I blogged about this at length over at Sputnik and wound up being contacted by the group’s manager. We shared some frank words and she allowed me to post our exchange unedited. It’s a long enough read, but it’s interesting to see the two contrasting styles in which the bands conduct their business.


Written by Dave

March 30, 2011 at 10:04 pm

Posted in Free music, Irish

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