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Single Launch Tonight // Yngve & The Innocent – ‘Draw A Line’

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London-based folk rocker and Sligo Rovers fan Yngve Wieland is bringing the Innocent back to Dublin tonight for the launch of their new single, ‘Draw a Line,’ which was released in the UK last month to much favourable review coverage.

Regular readers of this blog (hi ma!) know I’m a bit of a fan. Yngve’s fantastic solo album Tell Men This is still on regular rotation in my CD player/laptop (which is a pretty big deal considering how much of my time I have to devote to listening to new releases) and he’s released a couple of good singles and an EP to keep the momentum going.

Since the album, he’s morphed into a full band (with other people – he hasn’t literally subdivided, although that would definitely merit a two-page spread in the Sun or the News of the World or something. Great publicity). Yngve & the Innocent is a smaller unit than the one that recorded Tell Men This, and the sound is accordingly smaller and more intimate, but they can still belt out a huge ch0rus as demonstrated by the newest single, ‘Draw a Line.’

Anybody who’s not going to Deerhunter tonight (or, like me, staying in to save the pennies) would be well-advised to high-tail it down to the Grand Social (formerly Pravda) on Liffey St. to see them with support from Hot Sprockets, Rachel Austin and Arrow in the Sky. I’ve seen the Innocent live in small and large venues and they are more than worth the €10 cover charge and the fiver you’ll inevitably spend on a copy of the single.


Written by Dave

March 25, 2011 at 5:01 pm

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