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Yurt! It’s The Rappin’ Councillor

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I’ve broken my promise not to talk politics on the blog so many times that I might as well just stop pretending.

Ballyfermot Councillor Michael Conaghan is running for a Dáil seat in Dublin South Central. I can’t tell for certain if this is him singing on the bizarro remix of ‘Horse Outside’ or just one of his supporters, but having looked him up on Youtube, he does have a really weird mix of accents. He somehow managed to pick up an English tinge growing up on a farm in Donegal, which is impressive to say the least, but the person doing the song seems to be more of a Dubliner so it’s hard to tell.

Either way, it’s a truly bizarre recording that the Rubberbandits have already distanced themselves from (their tweet has since been deleted, but RTs aplenty here). The recording quality is sub-karaoke and whoever it is behind the mic sounds like he’s trying to take a really reluctant shit. There’s something almost tragic about the way the chorus mocks Fianna Fáil for being “out of touch.” Don’t get me wrong, he’s technically right, but for all the devastation the builders’ party have inflicted on this country, they at least spared us this.

GMC’s pro-Alan Kelly rap ‘Don’t Make the Wrong Choice’ from the last European campaign was dreadful (“Fianna Fail play games like they’re on a soccer field / Making things disappear like they’re David Copperfield” – that’s the well-known Premier League footballer-turned-magician David Copperfield) but at least it was recorded by an actual musician. ‘Rest Outside’ exists on an entirely different plane of (sur)reality. I mean, who is this aimed at? Who thought it would be a good idea?

“Labour’s man is straight, you know he’s on your side / Put Michael in the Dáil and put the rest outside! / They’ve been out of touch for years, Now they’ve got nowhere to hide / Put Michael in the Dáil and put the rest outside!”

Politically, the song is all over the place too. There’s a hint of politics-as-usual about the swipe he takes at Micheál Martin (“they think they’ll put a Corkman o’er the likes of me and you”), while all the references to “the Golden Circle” taking all the money is somewhat ironic given a) his well-paid position as a part-time Councillor and b) Labour’s unconditional support for the larger unions and public service pay deals.

Listen below (and thanks to Maman Poulet for sharing).


Written by Dave

February 15, 2011 at 4:06 pm

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