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D’election // Dylan Haskins

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I said I wouldn’t bring up politics again on this blog, but nobody really cares what I say anyway so it’s all good, plus this is kind of music-related.

The last few months have, more than any other election season in my memory, seen people more disillusioned with politics than ever. Everyone and their mother in the media has at least declared their interest in running for office to replace our useless TDs, particularly those of the Fianna Fáil and Green persuasion. As Sarah Carey rightly points out in today’s Irish Times, almost to a man the most prominent have turned out to lack the courage of their convictions.

Which is why it’s refreshing – and I have to say surprising – to see erstwhile Hideaway House/Hide Away Records operator Dylan Haskins running for the Dáil in Dublin South-East (not my consitituency, admittedly). Haskins launched his site earlier this week with a clever animated video (below) seemingly based on the brilliant RSA Animate series (see 21st Century Enlightenment video here) and a TV presenter’s ability to look into a camera lens and not turn into a complete gobshite.

I’ve never personally met Dylan (he’s younger and more successful than me so I’d probably hate him anyway), and to be honest, some of his ideas are a bit sky-in-the-pie (it seems a bit daft for a previously-unelected candidate to be making proposals for Public Sector reform, although I can see why he’d feel the need to0).

However his plans for greater community involvement are impressive, and some of his less attainable proposals are so simple and based in so much common sense that it can only be seen as a poor reflection on our political system that more of our elected representatives don’t put them forward (greater autonomy for local councils – it’s supposed to be what they’re paid for!).

Haskins may be running as an unknown independent, but he does have the advantage of strong connections in the media, having worked as a presenter at RTE and surrounding himself with journo-types like Una Mullally (of the sadly-dying Sunday Tribune). This does give him an unfair edge over his independent competitors, but in the context of the big party machines (FF is hilariously short on cash, mind you) his insider connections should be seen as a redress of the traditional balance.

For my own part, I’m leaning towards the pretentious but otherwise honourable and switched-on Shane Ross in the Dublin South constituency. The more independent and creative thinkers we can get into the Dáil the better, in my opinion – especially if they come out with mad ideas like, I don’t know, getting experts in to handle complex things like the Department of Finance…

And on that note, no more politics from me. Until the next time.


Written by Dave

February 3, 2011 at 1:18 pm

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