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KVX // ‘Graphs’

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I can’t quite place where I’ve heard this track before but now that we’ve been re-united I cannot get it out of my head (amazing considering I’ve been listening to the new Robyn album all day).

The Cork five-piece’s ‘Graphs’ was featured on the recent Cork Rock City compilation (though I haven’t gotten around to listening to that particular disc yet) and they’ve just released the three-track Dinner EP to apparent acclaim. A little bit of internet research tells me they were contestants on RTE’s slightly-dodgy talent competition Jam in 2005, while their MySpace confirms that they are “five big burly beardy men disguised as tiny women who play badminton together.”


They’ll naturally be compared to Heathers, both because they’re women and because the vocal harmonies are eerily similar at times, but for me the most natural comparison is with Dublin band Director. There are definitely similarities in the stop-start riffs and layered guitar lines, and even in some of the vocal patterns. Director went off the boil on their dour second record and I’d gladly take some more of this as a replacement.

KVX – ‘Graphs’


Written by Dave

November 16, 2010 at 7:18 pm

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