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Delorentos // New old track ‘Sanctuary’

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Normally I wouldn’t post news about something so non-specific (something not-so-specific? I don’t know), but Delorentos’ announcement that they’ll release a “special edition” of ‘Sanctuary’ on November 26 got me to thinking.

To thinking that it was the standout track on their 2009 album You Can Make Sound, and to remembering that I requested a promo copy of the album when it was released and then wound up being denied approval for a review. I probably should have mentioned that at the time. I’m an awful person.

Back on point, though, ‘Sanctuary’ is a smashing track and I was a little surprised that they decided to lead with ‘S.E.C.R.E.T.’ While the latter boasted the huge pop chorus, ‘Sanctuary’ struck me as a much more subtle track, recalling early U2 (booming bassline, Bono-like strained vocals) and all that general ’80s jazz.

They obviously missed a trick not writing lyrics about J-1s and getting, like, totally dronk but in every other respect they’ve got the Coronas beaten at their own game. Think about for next album lads – a song about throwing TVs into a swimming pool in Santa Barbara. Released around April or May, it will literally be the soundtrack (read: prediction) of 10,000 Irish students’ summer abroad. Cover ‘Jailhouse Rock’ for the b-side, ‘Deportees’ for the iTunes deluxe edition.

According to this release, they plan to record the third album around December for release in the early part of next year.


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October 18, 2010 at 11:42 pm

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  1. […] and decided they’d probably considered that possibility and factored it into their budget. As mentioned a few weeks back, ‘Sanctuary’ is by far my favourite track on the band’s 2009 […]

  2. […] been a while since we heard from Delorentos. Back in October, we heard the Dublin quartet were planning to head into the studio at the end of the year with a […]

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