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Jim Corr and the banks

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I always knew the banks were run by secret shape-shifting lizards from space. Even when they turned out to just be rich pathetic old men, I knew it was lizards.

Now they’ve come to wreak vengeance on Jim Corr.

OK, Jim Corr doesn’t really believe in shape-shifting lizards – that dubious honour belongs to ex-Coventry City goalkeeper David Icke – but he is down for more or less all the rest of it: the Jews did 9/11, the US government caused the Haiti earthquake, etc. In other words, the dude knows more than we’ll ever know, and for that he deserves our ridicule blind devotion.

It appears Dutch-owned (now there’s a race of lizard people if I ever I saw one) ACC Bank have moved to recoup a loan of more than €1.3 million from Jim and a Dundalk business partner. The bank claims Corr has been purposely avoiding their correspondence, with registered post returning unclaimed from his address in Co. Down and ordinary post receiving no response.

Funny as it is to laugh at Corr’s views (we reptilians are known for our sense of humour), it’s never nice to see somebody in financial trouble, even when it’s entirely a product of their own profiteering as it appears this case is. Still, it’s ironic that somebody so outwardly suspicious of powerful global elites would fall victim to a property scam orchestrated by our ivory tower bankers and political leaders. New World Order my arse.


Written by Dave

October 1, 2010 at 2:47 am

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