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The Mighty Stef // New album news

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The eternally excellent Mighty Stef has announced the impending release his of third album, The Mighty Stef and the Baptists, on November 26.

Details are sketchy at the moment, but Stef revealed on MySpace that “album number three contains nine new songs of sin and redemption where hope and hopelessness walk hand in hand down the wet streets of Manhattans Lower East Side to the dingy graveyards of Berlin where the record was conceived, written and recorded.

“Stef travelled to Berlin to form the gothic-folk-rock congregation known as The Baptists before undertaking and executing this record. While drinking heavily in the bars of the city and romanticising about the potential of the project, The Baptists solidified a plan, did some days of rehearsing and embarked on an extreme recording stint with German punk rock legend [and mad-man] Tom Schwoll.”

There’s no single thus far, but a few days back I did spend an afternoon cycling through the videos on his Muzu page on repeat. The Phantom sessions are great, but the real gem is the video for ‘The Mero,’ a cover of Pete St. John (of ‘Dublin in the Rare Oul Times’ fame) with guest spots from Flogging Molly and the last recorded appearance (on record and on video) of the late Ronnie Drew.


Written by Dave

September 17, 2010 at 12:35 am

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