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Bell X1 // Free acoustic EP

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Ireland’s favourite band of Damien Rice rejects Bell X1 are heading back to the US to tour next month. In honour of the event, they’ve posted a (mostly) live five-track EP, appropriately titled Acoustic, for free download. You’ll have to register your email address to listen to the full songs – which is slightly annoying – but once you’ve done so you can download the lot pro gratis.

It’s all old material, but the acoustic renditions are pretty interesting, particularly the criminally-underrated ‘Rocky Took a Lover,’ from 2006’s Flock album. Funnily enough, Paul Noonan takes to self-censorship on the track, replacing the “arsehole” of the original with “you’re such a hole drunk.” Perhaps it’s just the Dubliner to me, but I’d take “hole” to be a bigger insult than “arsehole” – it just sounds dirtier.

(Hat-tip: Swear I’m Not Paul)


Written by Dave

September 17, 2010 at 3:21 pm

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